XTERRA Connect with Doug Hall - Fixing a Broken Chain

by XTERRA on 12/29/2021

“Foremost, you’ll need a chain tool and a quick link that is specific to your chain, whether it’s for a 10-speed or 12-speed,” said Hall. “Second, I recommend practicing how to fix your chain on an extra rather than the functional one that is on your perfectly operational mountain bike at the moment.”
Knowing how to fix your chain can save your race or training ride, and prevent long walks home from the middle of nowhere.

Doug Hall is an XTERRA Certified Coach and co-founder of Race Off Road – the UK’s only dedicated off-road triathlon club.  He and his wife, XTERRA elite Nicole Walters, race around the world and help other off-roaders achieve their goals and ambitions through training and camaraderie.