XTERRA Adventures Episode 12 - Maui

by XTERRA Taiwan on 03/15/2021

"When I think of XTERRA Maui, I think of you know, like triathlon amplified. We take your usual swim, bike, run, we make it more extreme, more hardcore, and add a whole lot of skills into it." Sam Osborne, XTERRA Elite

Nearly a quarter century ago, on the Hawaiian island of Maui, a group of audacious adventure athletes created the ultimate endurance test. An open- water swim in the rough surf of the Pacific, a mountain bike ride up a steep, winding track and a grueling trail run through the forest and across the sand. 

With that groundbreaking race, the sport of XTERRA was born. And in the decades since, it has grown in prominence and reach, expanding to five continents and drawing the highest-caliber off-road triathletes in the world, to remote and rugged courses in some of the planet’s most spectacular locales.

"When I think of XTERRA Maui, I think of painfully beautiful." Penny Slater, XTERRA Elite
Every autumn, the best XTERRA athletes in the world descend on Kapalua resort on Maui’s northwest coast. And even for those who aren’t challenging for a podium spot, qualifying for the race is a career-defining achievement justifying the hours, months and years of training. For an age-group XTERRA athlete, Maui represents a personal Olympics. It’s a race, but also an arrival, an accomplishment worth celebrating in a place that’s something akin to paradise. 

"XTERRA is an amazing lifestyle because you meet wonderful people and see amazing places. "

"XTERRA for me it means racing in beautiful places Discovering some beautiful things people, things, landscapes." Morgane Riou, XTERRA Elite

"My favorite thing about XTERRA overall is I think the ability it gives me to in my training and in racing to see parts of the world that I would never seen on my own and giving me the opportunity to explore the wilderness and the nature that surrounds us." Karsten Madsen, XTERRA Elite & Certified Coach

"My favorite thing about XTERRA is facing your deepest fears and trying to overcome them. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t." Jacqui Allen, XTERRA Elite

"It’s a perfect way to discover new places with sports." Arthur Serrieres, XTERRA Elite

"The XTERRA world championship, here in Maui, for me, is where all the best athletes from all over the world come out to just shoot it out for one day and see who’s the best on that one day." Josiah Middaugh, XTERRA Elite & Certified Coach

Hundreds of other athletes drew strength from the spectators and each other in completing the legendary race. As the sun set on the race season, champions were crowned legacies were embellished, friendships were formed and the community of happy warriors celebrated the unique and beautiful spirit that is XTERRA.