The journey towards sustainability starts here: the Mountain-Sea Greenway

by XTERRA Taiwan on 09/08/2020

In mid-June, the XTERRA Taiwan team went on another trip discovering the past and the present of the Mountain-Sea Greenway. This time we’re honored to have Mr. Li, a landscape architect and a hand-built trail instructor, sharing his experience and knowledge with us.

The Wushan Trail, one of the unfinished sections of the Mountain-Sea Greenway, starts from Tsengwen Reservoir, winds towards Xikou Little Switzerland, known for the artificial whirlpool built by the Japanese hydraulic engineer Hatta Yoichi.

A century ago, the Jianan irrigation system, the greatest irrigation construction in Asia at the time, was completed. It was an era of “people’s determination will conquer nature” and mankind had achieved many “impossibles.”
Now we’re in an era when people have learned to value “eco” more than “ego,” and have started taking actions preserving our beloved nature.

As we embarked on the journey towards sustainability, we’d love to invite more nature-lovers to join us. With our hands, we can build and repair. This will not be just our one small step, but a project for a better future.

Photo credit: William Wong