It takes a family to raise a champion - the story of the Chiang family

by XTERRA Taiwan on 12/15/2020

Chiang Sheng-shan (Dan), a professional MTB athlete who won the men's downhill silver at the Asian Games in 2018, is well-known for his extraordinary downhill riding skills.
His success comes from years of dedication, hard work and above all, unreserved support from his family. Dan’s father, Chiang Shin-Fu, found his passion for MTB many years ago and passed it on to his sons. Surprised by Dan’s talent, Chiang Shin-Fu has since been Dan’s pillar of strength.
Both resilient and strong-willed, Dan and his father fought their ways through all the obstacles with determination. Now, they turn their focus from races to promoting MTB in their home town, Taoyuan.
“Seeing that XTERRA is putting so much effort into off-road sports, I’m really glad that I’m no longer alone. I finally met more people who share the same passion for MTB.” Chiang Shin- Fu said.


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