2021 Race Registration Q & A

by XTERRA Taiwan on 11/11/2020

Q1:When does the registration for 2021 XTERRA Taiwan Off-road Festival of Events open? 
A1:Registration opens on November 16th 12:00 PM (Local time)  2020 and closes on December 31st 11:59 PM 2020. Please sign up at Active.com. Registration will close when full.

Q2:How do I sign up for the 2021 races?
A2:Please sign up at Active.com. (click the link to enter the registration website.) 
Step 1. Select race category.
Step 2. Log into Active.com. (if you don’t have an account at Active.com, please sign up.)
Important event information and updates will be sent via email to all participants. A valid email address is required.
Step 3. Fill in the correct personal information.
Step 4. Fill in the correct credit card information and complete the payment. 
Step 5. You will receive two emails after completing registration. One is the receipt of the order sent by Active.com. The other is from XTERRA including registration information (race category, name of participant, registration date and the registration ID). Please keep the emails in your inbox.
Q3:If I chose to rollover to 2021, how do I register?
A3:We’ll send out a notification email on November 16th , 2020 to the participants who chose to rollover.
Step 1. There will be a unique hyperlink for each participant. 
Step 2. Click on the hyperlink which leads to Active.com. Please check and confirm your personal information.
Step 3. As you proceed to the payment page, the entry fee will show “$0.” Click on “Complete” to finish the registration procedure. 
Q4:I have a rollover from 2020. Can I switch to another race category? 
A4:Yes. When you receive the notification email with the link to 2021 registration system, please ignore it
Step 1. Start a new registration on Active.com for your desired race category and complete the payment.
Step 2. Send an email to info@xterrataiwan.com. Include the name of participant, 2021 race category and the email used for the 2020 registration. We will refund the entry fee of 2020 race to your credit card. 
※ The refund procedure will start in January, 2021 and finish before January 31st, 2021.
We will be using the exchange rate on the day when the refund is made. The entry fee will be refunded to the credit card used for registration.
Step 3. If the race category that you’d like to switch to is full, you will be racing in the original race category.
※ Please note:
1. Refund requests must be made before December 31st, 2020 and entry fee will be refunded in full.
2. No refund will be made regardless of any conditions on or after January 1st 2021.
3. The refund procedure will start in January, 2021 and finish before January 31st, 2021.
4. The Active.com processing fee will not be refunded.