The Mental Side of XTERRA with Evan Pardi

by XTERRA on 12/21/2020

Performance vs Training Mindset
In this week’s training spotlight we explore the mindset similarities between triathlon and music with Evan Pardi, a professional triathlete and classical musician.

“Mindset is at the core of everything we do whether that’s playing an instrument or racing,” explains Pardi, who has been playing bass for 15 years and is in the final stages of earning a Doctor of Musical Arts degree at Arizona State University.

“Two mindsets we use in both XTERRA and in musical performance are the training mindset and the performance mindset,” said Pardi.  “In the training mindset we are very judgmental about what we’re doing, assessing errors, and making corrections.  On a mountain bike ride, for example, if you mess up a corner you’d go back and session it a few times and adjust until you got it right.  This is the time to be critical of every action and think about every motion, as that allows you to develop.”

In contrast, Pardi explains, a performance mindset is non-judgmental.

“In a performance mindset we want to be calm and collected, and flow through our errors.  It’s okay to accept that a mistake has happened, but don’t dwell on it, because you’ll end up going slower if you’re judging yourself or trying to fix problems while you’re racing.”

It’s important to be aware of the two different types of mindsets, says Pardi, so you don’t infiltrate the performance mindset with the training mindset.

“Understand the difference between the two mindsets and keep them separate,” he added.

Pardi has spent the better part of two decades working on things like stage fright, performance anxiety, and nerves in general. In the coming weeks Pardi will share what he has learned in the process and really show the relevance between musical performance and athletic races.