XTERRA's Soap for Hope

by XTERRA Taiwan on 03/17/2021

You may not know where Yongjing Township is, but you definitely have passed by it during an XTERRA race.

Located in the Mt. Menmaluo area, Yongjing Township has been dealing with population aging and struggling to find a way to promote the local economy. Now the cheerful and lively elders in the community are bringing the traditional industry back to life: teaching tourists to make hand-crafts with sisal. It was a pleasant experience that inspired the XTERRA Taiwan team.

The next stop was Daguang Community, where the well-known snorkeling paradise Hou-Bi-Hu is located. The community prospered and benefited from the once beautiful coral reefs whereas the marine environment suffered and lost its colors. To prevent more pollutants going into the ocean, the resident launched an initiative to use recycled cooking oil as the raw material to make eco-friendly soaps for restaurants to replace synthetic detergent when washing dishes.

“Aren’t these eco soaps perfect souvenirs for the XTERRA athletes? “ We thought.

With the help of Feng-shu Lake community, and the beautiful hemp ropes form “Bu-Shan-Bu-Shi” eco-tourism organization, more than one-thousand eco soaps were made. The production itself was environmental friendly: no use of electricity nor gas, using recycled plastic boxes as molds.

It takes more than 60 days to make a soap. It takes 150 kilograms of recycled cooking oil to make enough soaps for XTERRA Taiwan. 

This is our way to protect. This is our soap for hope.