How to get ready for XTERRA Taiwan

by Hsu Yuan Keng on 03/16/2021

XTERRA Taiwan - One of the best off-road triathlon events in Asia, combining convenience, nature, culture and passion. The event includeds a 1,500-meter ocean swim plus the beautiful MTB route of Kenting National Park, and finally returns to the coastline with both feet, ending in a unique traditional Taiwanese building.

The Ocean Swim
Wetsuits were not necessary in the past races, so you can focus more on “kick”  during your daily practice. Starting from the beach, how to cross the waves will save your energy, and because of the high temperature, be sure to drink more water before the race!

Athletes will swim counterclockwise for two laps. Every time you leave and enter the water, you will become more breathless. Pay attention to breathing adjustments in the first 100m after entering the water. You can also add some diving or breath-holding exercises in your daily training to strengthen your lung capacity.
XTERRA Taiwan can be challenging and requires certain degree of physical fitness for the mountain bike section. The terrain is varied, from riverbeds, reef terrain, rolling rocks to grasslands, the 28 kilometer course climbs nearly 900 meters. It is recommended to choose a 29-inch full suspension bike. You don't need tires with deep blocks, but it is best to choose the tires with a side protection to avoid scratching the tire on the reef road.
In a high temperature competition environment, you should bring at least 1000c.c of drinking water, you may consider using a hydration pack!

Because the race course is mostly continuous, long-distance ascent or descent, "stability" is more important than "speed". If time permits, it is recommended to arrange a test ride on the race course before the race. While understanding the route, you can also estimate your own pace.

The Trail Running
The distance is nearly 12 kilometers. Except for the steep ascent for the first kilometer, most of the sections are gentle descents and flat that can be run at high speed. Because the event aid stations are sufficient, you can finish running without a hydration pack.
After the challenge of the mountain bike section, the lower limb response may not be as neat as normal running. It is recommended to add weight training to daily training to build muscle strength.

Reminder About Transition Area
The XTERRA Taiwan event is arranged in different locations of T1/T2, you'll be using transition bags to place the equipment needed for T2. Remember to check the equipment one by one the day before, and be careful not to place the wrong items. In the past, there were cases where athletes put their bike shoes in the T2 transition bag. You wouldn't want such a thing to affect your race mood!

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The distance from swimming ashore to T1 is nearly 800 meters, including sandy beaches and some steps. It is dangerous for the dizzy state of the swimmers who just swim ashore. Slow down first, and use that time to adjust your breathing!

More & More XTERRA Taiwan
In addition to the highly discussed off-road triathlon, XTERRA Taiwan also includes Duathlon and Trail Running events, so that the whole family has the opportunity to participate in the event.

The trail running distance ranges from 5 kilometers to the 42 kilometer marathon that was added for the first time this year. Kenting trail can definitely let you fully engage in the fun of off-roading!

Last but not least, even though many friends around the world cannot enjoy XTERRA Taiwan with us this year, you can still follow the XTERRA social media and website. I believe we will meet you in Kenting in the near future!