The Fastest Way To A Smile Is On A Mountain Bike

by XTERRA Taiwan on 07/21/2021

"I expect myself to spend every day as if I’m playing all day long.”

Eunice Lin started her career as a food & travel TV show host, and spent the past decade visiting the island’s most popular eats. “Having fun” is how she makes a living. Her footprints were already islandwide; but she's discovered a whole new way to explore its nature.

When riding with mountain bikers, she found herself happier and became more open-minded. She’s made new friends who've shown her the world of mountain biking, which is full of fun and surprises. It’s the willingness to share that made her fall in love with the mountain biking scene.

Having experienced multiple ways of traveling, she encourages people to get off the road and into the mountains.

“Now I can ride deep into the woods. The natural beauty is unparalleled.” Eunice said with a sparkle in her eyes.