How to get ready for XTERRA Taiwan

by Hsu Yuan Keng


XTERRA Taiwan - One of the best off-road triathlon events in Asia, combining convenience, nature, culture and passion. As a local Taiwanese athlete, we know that many partners cannot enjoy XTERRA Taiwan with us this year. But even so, you can still follow the XTERRA community and website. I believe we will meet you in Kenting in the near future!

Meet Maia Ignatz - Staying Strong Through Injury



On July 9th, while racing XTERRA Victoria, pro athlete, Maia Ignatz, was running and navigating a large, rock surface. Her right ankle started to roll so she ...

XTERRA Nutrition - 'Tis the Season



With the holidays upon us, it's a great time to talk about cookies, eggnog, and peppermint bark. Yes, they are all carbohydrates, but you can relax - we aren't here to tell you not to eat them. What's important as an athlete, is that you know how they work.

The Mental Side of XTERRA with Evan Pardi



In this week’s training spotlight we explore the mindset similarities between triathlon and music with Evan Pardi, a professional triathlete and classical musician.

What to Eat After a Long Run



The long run is one of the key off-season workouts. One of the challenges of the long run, however, is what to eat before, during, and after.

Middaugh Coaching Corner - Habits



How you deal with adversity in your training will set you up with the coping skills to get through adversity during race week and on race day. Here's some advice form the XTERRA legend Josiah Middauh.

Nutrition for your Kitchen: How to Make Spinach Pie & Other Immune System Boosters

by Alexandra Borrelly Lebrun


During this time of uncertainty facing lockdown and social distancing, it’s the perfect time think positive and focus on our diet. It’s an opportunity to make changes to what we eat, boost our immune system, and get into a routine of eating healthier foods.

XTERRA Connect: MTB Skills in Small Spaces



Join XTERRA Certified Coach Jim Thijs to learn mountain biking skills and strength exercises that can be done in small spaces.

Training Programs for XTERRA Taiwan Triathlon, Duathlon and Trail Run

by Keng Hsu


If you're looking for advice on how to train efficiently and effectively, here are XTERRA-designed training plans for you. Train for 6-8 hours a week and build up gradually.

Find an XTERRA Certified Coach in Your Region



The first-phase launch of the XTERRA Certified Coach web-section boasts over 30 experienced coaches in regions spanning The Americas, Europe & Asia-Pacific.

Top Five Tips for MTB Newbies

by Michael Dorr


The most important thing you can do is get on your bike as much as you can. Don’t be scared of technical terrain. The more you slow down and think, the more hang ups you will have. If your wheels are rolling, you can get over features your mind doesn’t think you can, and you’ll realize, that wasn’t so hard.

Surf Skill Swim Tips from the Master



When it comes to swimming in open ocean and surf conditions there is no one more qualified to share tips than XTERRA veteran elite Ben Allen from Australia.

XTERRA Couch to Trail - The Gear You'll Need

by Mimi Stockton and SheriAnne Little for PRS Fit


Unlike road triathlon, two of those disciplines take place on trails: the bike and the run. You need a few key pieces of equipment to get yourself from the start line along the water’s edge to the finish line.