XTERRA Adventures

2021 XTERRA Adventures: Episode 6 - XTERRA and European Cross Triathlon Championship



Set against the backdrop of the spectacular Brenta Dolomites, the XTERRA European season concluded in picturesque Trentino, Italy with the best cross triathletes going head-to-head to compete for the European crown.

2021 XTERRA Adventures: Episode 5 - USA Championship



The fall colors of Ogden, Utah and Snowbasin Resort set the stage for the pinnacle event in North America- the 18th annual XTERRA USA Championship. Experience the location and exciting competition for yourself, on this Episode of XTERRA Adventures.

2021 XTERRA Adventures: Episode 3 - On the Rise in China



Check out XTERRA Adventures 'Episode 3: On the Rise in China' and explore the vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts in China that have found a new passion for the environment and off-road racing!

2021 XTERRA Adventures: Episode 2 - Short Track



Introducing XTERRA Short Track - the thrilling, fan friendly, multi-lap style of off-road triathlon racing. Gritty and intense, it's non-stop action for athletes and exciting for spectators and TV. Watch the drama unfold on this episode of XTERRA Adventures.

2021 XTERRA Adventures: Episode 1 - Racing is Back



Did you catch the Premiere of XTERRA Adventures 2021? Tune in now and enjoy a look into the revival of the races, hear from Bradley Weiss and other XTERRA greats, and get excited about your next XTERRA Adventure!

XTERRA Adventures 2020 Episode 6 - The Culture

by XTERRA Taiwan


XTERRA competitors are, by nature, seekers of mana and when these athletes return to Hawaii for the world championships each autumn, their homecoming represents not just the culmination of a competitive season but also the completion of noble mission, to honor the natural world through sport.

XTERRA Adventures 2020 Episode 3 - Inspiring Athletes

by XTERRA Taiwan


XTERRA is known for its spirited community, its dazzling locales and its punishing courses. But another of the sport’s hallmarks is its inclusivity. XTERRA invites athletes with all kinds of physical challenges to participate, persevere and excel.

XTERRA Adventures 2020 Episode 4 - Dream Destinations

by XTERRA Taiwan


To compete in XTERRA is to experience some of the most spectacular locations our planet has to offer. Even as they run, ride, and swim, XTERRA athletes must contend and commune with nature. With a racing calendar featuring hundreds of events across five continents, there is no shortage of stunning destinations to explore.

XTERRA Adventures Episode 12 - Maui

by XTERRA Taiwan


Every autumn, the best XTERRA athletes in the world descend on Kapalua resort on Maui’s northwest coast. And even for those who aren’t challenging for a podium spot, qualifying for the race is a career-defining achievement justifying the hours, months and years of training.