2021 XTERRA Adventures: Episode 4 - European Championship



Go on an adventure to the medieval German town of Zittau for the pinnacle event on the 2021 XTERRA European Tour and meet the men & women behind the scenes of this action-packed, community-focused celebration of life.

Flora Duffy is an Olympic Champion!



XTERRA racers and fans around the world rejoice as five-time XTERRA World Champion Flora Duffy, “one of our own,” captures Olympic gold at the Tokyo Games.

The Fastest Way To A Smile Is On A Mountain Bike

by XTERRA Taiwan


Eunice Lin started her career as a food & travel TV show host, “Having fun” is how she makes a living. Having experienced all ways of traveling, she discovered a whole new way to explore the nature ...

Dave DeSantis XTERRA Legacy Grant 2021

by XTERRA Taiwan


Made possible by 2015 XTERRA Warrior award recipient Dave DeSantis, the Dave DeSantis XTERRA Legacy Grant provides one man and one woman, each year for six years (2018-2023), an opportunity to experience an international XTERRA race. Travel funded by the grant is designed to support recipients with financial need to go after their boldest XTERRA travel dream, and result in a connection with the global XTERRA community through a shared love of the “Live More” spirit.

One Second vs. One Day - When Hand-built Trail Crews Met the Trail Runners

by XTERRA Taiwan


We share the love for nature. Together we can accomplish more.

It takes a family to raise a champion - the story of the Chiang family

by XTERRA Taiwan


Chiang Sheng-shan (Dan), a professional MTB athlete who won the men's downhill silver at the Asian Games in 2018, is well-known for his extraordinary downhill riding skills.

Inspiration and innovation come from real-life experiences - Compressport

by XTERRA Taiwan


Compressport and XTERRA both value “real stories;” inspiration and innovation come from real-life experiences.

Sports for all, all for sports - Decathlon

by XTERRA Taiwan


Decathlon met the like-minded XTERRA, both devoted to protecting the land we love. Together we hope to introduce outdoor sports to everyone. Through sports, we live more.

"I will be stronger" MTB coach turned triathlete - XTERRA Coach Svenson

by XTERRA Taiwan


An experienced MTBiker turned XTERRA elite, XTERRA Coach Svenson admitted that the pressure of being an elite can be overwhelming.

The journey towards sustainability starts here: the Mountain-Sea Greenway

by XTERRA Taiwan


In mid-June, the XTERRA Taiwan team went on another trip discovering the past and the present of the Mountain-Sea Greenway.

Anita Coyle 2019 Dave DeSantis Warrior Award

by XTERRA Planet


In honor of her exemplary courage in the face of adversity, we were honored to bestow the 2019 Dave Desantis XTERRA Warrior Award to Anita Coyle.

XTERRA Connect with Connie Hsu



More spirit of XTERRA lives on in the people and to commemorate the day, we connected with one of them, the courageous Connie Hsu.




Today, XTERRA administers a global racing tour - with races in over 30 countries around the globe. As a brand, we showcase those races while also embracing the personal journey that led each athlete to the race - the training, the traveling, the resting, the lifestyle. The XTERRA brand is uniquely positioned at the intersection of racing and lifestyle.

Helena Karaskova Inducted Into Hall of Fame



For the last nine seasons Karaskova Erbenova dominated the European Tour, collecting 34 wins in 13 countries and an unprecedented five XTERRA European Tour Championships. Since her first win at XTE...

How I Promote MTB in Taiwan With Passion

by Svenson Lin


XTERRA off-road triathlon has had great impacts on my life. For me, XTERRA is not just a race, it’s a lesson. XTERRA motivated me to continually pursue my passion. By passing this spirit on, more people will be willing to explore the unknowns.