About Us


What started in Hawaii in the 1990s as a competition for an intrepid group of outdoor adventurers developed into a passion and lifestyle for athletes around the world. XTERRA gives participants the chance to get out of the gym, off the roads and into nature, where they can experience their surroundings on an elemental level. Across tracks and dirt trails, through meadows and mountainsides, lakes and oceans, are all landscapes to be celebrated and honoured by the athletes.


The one-of-a-kind race courses of XTERRA opened a new chapter for endurance sports. Within 3 years of the inaugural event in Maui, the XTERRA team had organized events across the United States. By 2000, XTERRA became a phenomenon all over the planet. With more than 300 races across 5 continents and more than 100,000 participants, XTERRA carries out its mission to inspire more people to “Live. More.”


As a pioneer in off-road triathlon races, XTERRA has evolved along with the communities around the globe. More than just races, XTERRA is a lifestyle. We strive for excellence and toast to families and friends along the journey.