Eco Trails with TMI

Our Responsibility

When exploring nature, we are inspired, enlightened and healed. To live in harmony with nature, we must guard the natural environment and every living thing. This is when we decided to redefine "Live. More."—it has a more profound meaning now that we endeavour towards sustainability.

Minimize Impact on the Land

In 2020, we met an NPO, the 'Taiwan Thousand Miles Trail Association (TMI)', which has been dedicated to the preservation of the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Taiwan through a network of hiking trails around the island since 2006. TMI aims to encourage people to approach nature in ways that minimize impact on the natural environment.

We Play & We Protect

Sharing the same core values with TMI, XTERRA Taiwan marks the year 2020 as a new milestone that we start to advocate "We Play & We Protect." XTERRA takes concrete actions to encourage everyone to be closer to nature and appreciate the natural treasure with us.

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Initiative Collectibles

Original Running Tank

Original Running Tank

Made from ECO-Recycled yarn—it's 100% regenerated from recycled PET plastic bottles and is sustainably sourced. We also minimize waste by using environmentally friendly recycling technologies that reduces dependence on petroleum.

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