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Shoe Selection with Samantha Kingsford Part V-The Best Trail Running Shoes for Speed and Grip



How to select that best trail running shoes for speed and grip? XTERRA Pan Am Tour women’s elite champion Samantha Kingsford shares her favorites. Because you can never have too many pairs of shoes.

Trail Running Tips & Tricks with Samantha Kingsford Part III - Uphill Running Drills



Running up hills is a quintessential XTERRA experience, and in this video Samantha Kingsford shows us how to get good at it.

Trail Running Tips & Tricks with Samantha Kingsford Part IV – Hill Reps Staple Run



Samantha Kingsford shows us how to get the new year started on the right foot with her go-to hill reps routine in this edition of XTERRA Trail Running Tips & Tricks.

Trail Running Tips & Tricks with Samantha Kingsford Part I – Contact Time



Contact time is an important factor to running fast, especially in XTERRA and trail running. We need to have really fast feet to get through the technical and rooty sections

Trail Run Meetup - Sijhih Lake BaiPao & Trails

by XTERRA Taiwan


Leave the road, take the trails. Adventure is closer than you think. Kate, who is good at finding untraversed trails, is a true explorer. Follow her steps, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by serene beauty of nature, and lost in wonderland.

New for 2021: XTERRA Trail Marathon Series



We're delighted to announce the 2021 XTERRA Trail Marathon Series. 10 races spanning Asia-Pacific, Europe and America.

Trail Run Meetup - Fuyang Ecological Park

by XTERRA Taiwan


The rain didn’t quench our thirst for running wild and discovering the hidden gem in Taipei city. The trails were muddy and slippery, making them perfect places to practice trail running skills.

XTERRA Trail Run Meetup - The Dutch ancient trail

by XTERRA Taiwan


XTERRA coach Cliff Chiang took us to the Dutch ancient trail and shared the story of the origin of trail running in Taiwan. The trail, one of the classic routes in Taipei, was well preserved and excellent for practicing running skills.

XTERRA Couch to Trail - The Gear You'll Need

by Mimi Stockton and SheriAnne Little for PRS Fit


Unlike road triathlon, two of those disciplines take place on trails: the bike and the run. You need a few key pieces of equipment to get yourself from the start line along the water’s edge to the finish line.