we play & we protect

Let's Reduce Waste: Bring Your Reusable Cup for Trail Run

by XTERRA Taiwan


Reusable cups for trail run aid stations. Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but fond memories of the mountains. For the 2021 XTERRA Taiwan Off-Road Festival, we invite every athlete to join us and be a force of sustainability. Learn more about our eco-friendly initiatives at the link in bio.

One Second vs. One Day - When Hand-built Trail Crews Met the Trail Runners

by XTERRA Taiwan


We share the love for nature. Together we can accomplish more.

XTERRA's Soap for Hope

by XTERRA Taiwan


It takes more than 60 days to make a soap. It takes 150 kilograms of recycled cooking oil to make enough soaps for XTERRA Taiwan. This is our way to protect. This is our soap for hope.

XTERRA Wellington Working Towards Zero Waste



In the first in a series of sustainability initiatives around the 2020 XTERRA World Tour, the season-opener at XTERRA Wellington on February 1 has committed to reducing waste and environmental impact by doing everything it can to reduce the impact it has on the landscape. “We believe we should protect where we play,” said Gillian Barsanti from the organizing team at Barefoot Sport. “In fact, ...