XTERRA Adventures 2020 Episode 6 - The Culture

by XTERRA Taiwan


XTERRA competitors are, by nature, seekers of mana and when these athletes return to Hawaii for the world championships each autumn, their homecoming represents not just the culmination of a competitive season but also the completion of noble mission, to honor the natural world through sport.

XTERRA Adventures Episode 12 - Maui

by XTERRA Taiwan


Every autumn, the best XTERRA athletes in the world descend on Kapalua resort on Maui’s northwest coast. And even for those who aren’t challenging for a podium spot, qualifying for the race is a career-defining achievement justifying the hours, months and years of training.

2020 XTERRA World Championship Qualifying Series



The 2020 XTERRA World Championship Qualifying Series schedule boasts 35 events in 25 countries from February to September, providing a trail map to adventure for amateur and professional athletes looking to discover the planet and secure their spot on the start line for the 25th annual XTERRA World Championship in Maui on November 8.